About Us

About Us

Swastik Computer Education in a leading computer education network in all over Rajasthan. The all over Rajasthan having over many affiliated centers. The organization has its spread in all Rajasthan. The organization reaches in village to village and all cities to provide lower, middle and higher class gentry. The organization slogan in our “There are still million people, whose only dream of computer education, Swastik Computer Education in helping some of them realize this dream.”

Aim of the Program

  1. To provide adequate knowledge of computer : The main focus of this program is to provide deep and adequate knowledge of computers to the student.
  2. Personality development of the student : These programs not only focus on the syllabus but also pull out the hidden abilities and inner power of the student. Basically it tries to bring out and built the personality of the student.
  3. To change Life Style by New Technologies : Providing awareness to upcoming technologies and changing environment.
  4. Computer course at the nominal fee : Providing computer at very nominal and affordable fees.

Teaching Methodology

“Swastik Computer Education” offers a high level of computer education with personal care through highly qualified and experienced faculty and highly innovative teaching with audio visual aid. Regular classroom teaching is supplemented with the practical and interface with professional. The training time is dividing in to theory and practical session. A part from regular exercise students are allows utilizing the unlimited machine to exercise their mind, boost their creativity and increase their level of curiosity. This builds up the self confidence, and gradually shapes them in to confident professional.